In order to reduce rates of infection, the Baptist Student Center will not be open to the public. All our regular events and gatherings will be cancelled for the remainder of the semester. However we still plan on fostering as much community as we can and will be creating online access to some of our regular events. Please continue to visit our website and Facebook page to keep up with updates as we develop new ways to connect.

Residents: the building should remain locked throughout the day. Please keep your keys on you at all times and lock the doors behind you upon your entry to the building. Please be smart about guests that may visit and limit the number of people who enter the building at any one time.

Guests of Residents: If you are visiting as a guest we ask that you be mindful of your contamination risk. Wash hands for 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, and wear a mask if you are coughing for any reason. Please limit the groups of people you may be socializing with to avoid bringing excess risk to the BSC residents.

Supporters of the BSC Ministry: If you are one of our supporters in ministry, we would love to invite you join us in our digital outreach and continued ministry for students, faculty, and community members. Also please consider that many of our financial needs will still be prevalent as always. We will continue our efforts to stay in touch by mail and digital updates. Thank you for your continued support and belief in the work we are doing.