If you or a loved one are trying to create a lasting impact with a planned gift or estate, the Baptist Student Center would be honored to help. We have been blessed by many individuals and families with planned gifts that remind us of our cloud of witnesses that have gone before us. Feel free to read below or call our office to ask how you can include this ministry in your legacy.


For any retirement or life insurance policy you can name the Baptist Student Center as a beneficiary. Simply designate as primary, contingent, or partial beneficiary: “The Baptist Student Center of Southeast Missouri, 909 Normal Ave. Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, IRS ID #43-1157180, for the benefit of Baptist Student Center.”

Note: If you are age 70-1/2 or older, you can expedite your giving through an IRA charitable rollover and make a gift to support Baptist Student Center now! This contribution will meet your minimum distribution requirement and no tax will be due on the distribution.

Life insurance offers flexibility in gift planning. You can designate a beneficiary, while maintaining ownership, or you may benefit from current tax advantages by either transferring ownership of an existing policy or taking out a new policy with The Baptist Student Center as owner and beneficiary.


Charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities can increase the yield from your current investments yet avoid or defer the capital gains tax upon sale of these investments. Both plans provide income to your beneficiaries and an immediate charitable deduction to you for part of the asset value. Income from a charitable remainder trust can be fixed, fluctuate with future gains and losses in principle, or equal actual trust yield. Charitable gift annuities pay a fixed amount, but payments can begin immediately or be deferred to a time when you need additional income.

 If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact our offices via phone, email or in person. Also remember that you will need to discuss all options with a financial advisor or insurance professional regarding your own best interests.